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Come Out In Jesus Name

Following a startling chain of events, the most controversial pastor in America, Greg Locke, took a 180-degree turn from his mainstream religious traditions and led his church to the brink of revival. He and a diverse group of unconventional preachers then began to spark the most important awakening in the history of the Christian Church — through the most unlikely means – by casting out demons. This fiery film documents the beginnings of their journey. “Come Out In Jesus Name” will be followed by a live simulcast event where Pastor Locke and his fellow demon slayers will lead a supernatural mass deliverance... in Jesus name.

The Bear Inn Retreat

Clifton, Tennessee

The Bear Inn Resort was purchased on June 22, 2022 and is now the "Bear Inn Retreat". We're currently undergoing some new and exciting updates, but what isn't changing is our cozy relaxing atmosphere. 

Whatever your reason for visiting this beautiful part of Tennessee, the Bear Inn Retreat is a perfect place to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

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Author Patrick A. Grillo

This two volume historical fiction of the life of Jesus is ready to be brought to life. Presently shopping a production deal. 

Shane Michael Taylor 

Announces 2023 International Speaking Tour  - Beginning in the Philippines

Shane Michael Taylor is a motivational speaker and the author of Living This Rodeo: A Journey from Fantasy to Reality, which details the journey that led to his career as a country music artist. His debut album, released in early 2012, is titled I Will Stand. Shane has been featured ABC affiliate WTNH-TV’s Connecticut Style,, and several popular internet blogs such as Dustin Maher's fitness blog, the Soul Speak blog, and others.


Born with a severe form of spastic cerebral palsy, Shane Michael is a larger than life example of how to live an extraordinary life. Everyday he overcomes tremendous obstacles and barriers to bring his message of hope, inclusion and empowerment to the world. He is also a relentless advocate for healthcare reform and was recognized as such in 2021 by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and the City of Nashville when they declared November 1 as Shane Michael Taylor Day





Joram Moreka, Independent Film Producer

Wild Lunch Productions is the host company for independent film projects all over the world, from the southern states  of the USA to Europe and the Continent of Africa. Paparelli Law is proud to have been chosen as legal counsel and is eager to share more news as it becomes available.  

Bradley Gentz -  Motion Picture Executive Director is at work on a brand new film release . . .  shhhh.

Bradley Gentz is the founder/producer of Dubtrap Records and a serial entrepreneur whose creative enterprises attract and include entertainment elite from around the globe. His latest endeavor has garnered him the role of executive producer of an in-production film.  More to come. . . 



Knucklehead is up to it again . . . as he officially launches his brand. 


Comes the motorcycle riding, death defying, kayak drifting, spirit lifting all American dog.

Check Out His Videos

From the road to the rapids, this little guy is putting smiles on faces everywhere he goes. 


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